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  • Built-in battery of 2070mAh thus extending the autonomy of your Galaxy S9
  • Wireless Qi technology compatible with all wireless charging systems
  • Compact design with excellent grip
  • Rubber inner guards to resist falls and impacts
  • Priority + charging allows synchronization and intercom charging that powers the phone and then the Juice Pack
  • Possibility to turn the Juice Pack on or off with the button and LED indicators

Elegantly refined wireless power
Mophie makes wireless charging easier than ever. Use this juice pack case with any Mophie Charge Force wireless mount and enjoy effortless charging at home or in any vehicle as built-in magnets hold your phone in place and charging begins on contact.
Wireless charging made easy
Compatible with Qi and other wireless charging technologies, you can top off your phone and juice pack battery using other wireless charging systems, including those found at airports, coffee houses, and in many new cars.
Blends perfectly into any scenario
The technology behind Charge Force wireless power was developed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life whether you’re in your home, office, or any vehicle. Simply touch the juice pack case to any Charge Force accessory — the magnetic mounts will align with the case for a perfect charge every time.
Power beyond boundaries
Wireless isn’t the only option for charging your Galaxy S9 when using the juice pack, just push a button and you'll charge your phone thank's to the Juice Pack.


Samsung Galaxy S9

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