OTODO x NodOn connected roller shutter pack

Pack for connected roller shutters - Alexa - Google Home compatible

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Color : WHITE

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The OTODO & NodOn bundle allows you to gain in comfort by controlling your roller shutters. This pack allows you to control 3 roller shutters thanks to the OTODO gateway and the modules provided. The control is done via the application or the Alexa/Google speaker.

  • Remote control: you can control the position of your shutters from your smartphone wherever you are.
  • Ideal if you forgot to close your shutters before a long absence
  • Programming: you can program your shutters throughout the week according to your schedule, your lifestyle or the time of sunset and sunrise. Very practical to automatically close your shutters when the sun goes down
  • Voice command: you can ask your voice assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google assistant) in one sentence to close, open or position your shutters. No need to take out your smartphone
  • If you have other NodOn modules, you can combine the management of shutters and other actions such as turning off the lights into one command. Perfect when you leave home
  • ELECTRICAL PANEL INSTALLATION: Requires DIN rail enclosure
  • OTA UPDATE: The module is quick to update using the OTA feature. Updates can be performed using the NodOn Connect application. Similarly for your OTODO gateway, updates are done with the same system via the OTODO application.
  • Color White
  • Product dimensions 9.5L x 3l centimeters