PanzerGlass™ Hoop Optic Rings Samsung S24 Plus Purple

Samsung S24+ camera protection rings

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REF : PG-1240
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Upgrade your phone's protection with PanzerGlass™ Hoops! Safeguard your camera lenses effortlessly with scratch-resistant glass and easy application. Say goodbye to worries and hello to crystal-clear photos. Plus, our eco-friendly packaging means you can protect your phone and the planet at the same time. Choose Hoops for style, simplicity, and sustainability.

  • Individual Hoop rings
  • Black aluminium frame
  • PanzerGlass™ coverage on lenses
  • Applicator to ensure easy installation
  • Silicone adhesive around Hoops
  • Easy application
  • No blemishes, no flashlight refraction
Samsung Galaxy S24+
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